Our Roots Are Deep


When Irving Rifkin and his partner, Irving Walter, opened Superior Iron & Metal in Fort Wayne in 1943, they could hardly have envisioned what their small scrap yard on Clinton Street would become. By the time 1973 rolled around, the company had consolidated its interests to focus on the scrap business and had begun to expand significantly throughout the Midwest.

Superior Iron & Metal officially became OmniSource in 1983, and by 1990 was not only a hugely respected force in the recycling industry, but was also heavily involved in the formation of Steel Dynamics (SDI). Since being bought from the Rifkin family by SDI in 2007, OmniSource has grown further, greatly expanding its reach in the Midwest and South. With over 70 facilities in the US and the capacity to process 1 billion pounds of nonferrous metals each year, it’s easy to see why OmniSource has been a trusted leader in the recycling world for decades.

A staple in our community and a grateful sponsor of charities and non-profit organizations, OmniSource was founded on hardworking Midwestern values and continues to provide the very best in recycling solutions. At OER, we are proud to be a part of the OmniSource family and carry on this long tradition of excellence in the recycling industry.


We are devoted to helping sustain the environment for future generations by utilizing state-of-the-art techniques in order to provide safe and responsible e-waste solutions.


Our six pillars are the beliefs that guide us, six basic tenets we follow in everything we do. These beliefs are paramount to us as we work towards our goal of improving the health of the environment.

    Our Community - Although our reach touches all corners of the globe, we are heavily invested in focusing on our local area businesses. They have sustained us for over 70 years, and we believe our mission will help to sustain them.
    Experience - We are a proud member of the biggest, most influential recycling family in the nation. Total scrap management is our staple and a cornerstone of our stability.
    Technology - Our vast know-how is comprised of over 70 years of industry-leading research and process management. Our huge network of facilities enables us to properly and safely handle virtually any form of recyclable material.
    Information Protection - Privacy and personal information are being assaulted by cybercrime and identity theft. Our certified, best-way practices ensure security and prevent data leaks.
    Environmental Protection - The health of the environment is the number one reason we do what we do. We can help your electronics become a source of good in your community, and your business become part of the solution.
    Customer Service - Our customers are the driving force behind our mission. We could never achieve our goal without the help and involvement of the people and businesses we service. Our community influence is something we are grateful for.

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