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OmniSource Electronics Recycling is proud to be a part of one of the largest, most successful production and recycling families in the world: OmniSource, Steel Dynamics (SDI), and SDI La Farga.

Since its birth in 1943, OmniSource has grown into one of the most respected names in the recycling industry. From its humble beginnings as a small scrap yard in the middle of downtown Fort Wayne, OmniSource has become one of the biggest and best recyclers in the world. The concept of scrap management, one that is commonly used nowadays in the industry, was pioneered by OmniSource in 1990. It has since founded Recovery Technologies and Superior Aluminum Alloys. Now a wholly owned subsidiary of Steel Dynamics, the company continues to grow and provide much of the ferrous metals used at SDI to make steel. With over 70 facilities in the continental US, 11 automotive shredders, and the ability to process 7 million tons of ferrous metals alongside 1 billion pounds of nonferrous scrap each year, OmniSource is a giant in the recycling world and the largest nonferrous processor in the US.

Steel Dynamics (SDI) was founded in 1993 and is now one of the largest steel producers and metal recyclers in the US. SDI is home to over 7,700 employees and operates manufacturing facilities all over the country: six steel mills, two iron production facilities, eight steel processing locations, six steel fabrication plants, and over 90 metals recycling locations. The steel products made by SDI include multiple high quality lines and are used in numerous markets, including energy, construction, and manufacturing. Since purchasing the mill in Columbus, Mississippi in 2014 – the company’s sixth mill – SDI’s production capacity has increased by 40%. An industry trendsetter across multiple markets, SDI’s fabrication and recycling operations are still growing and expanding today.

The La Farga Group (SDI La Farga) traces its original roots all the way back to 1808, when a small foundry was started up by Francesc Lacambra Pont in Barcelona. Even from its inception, the company focused on products made of copper and bronze, becoming a major supplier of copper to the Barcelona Royal Mint in the 1840s. The company later began making copper sheeting and wire rods. In 1986, La Farga became the leading recycled-copper continuous-casting company in the world. Over the past thirty years the firm has grown and diversified; The La Farga Group was created in 2003. SDI La Farga, a joint venture between two industry leaders, provides systems for reclaiming and refining processed copper, resulting in high-quality copper products manufactured for various industries.

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OmniSource – www.omnisource.com
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La Farga – www.sdilafarga.com

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