Secure, Complete, Seamless Data Security

OER’s hard drive and media destruction options give you peace of mind and help maintain your data integrity.

Although the subject is not a pleasant one, the fact of the matter is that there are far more cyber threats in existence now than there ever were before. Identity theft, consumer scams, data breaches, and loss of integrity are just a few of the security problems that all businesses must face. OER can help you combat these threats by providing complete, easy destruction of your data.

OER offers several options and methods by which we can securely destroy data, hard drives, floppy disks, CDs, and other media. At your facility or ours, let OER eliminate worry and guarantee the integrity of your information.

We offer:

    Hard Drive Shredding – In small quantities or in bulk, OER can shred your drives using stringent procedures that let you be sure of the results
    Media and Tape Destruction – Need CDs, DVDs, data tapes, or even older floppy disks shredded? No problem. OER will shred your “other” media under the same strict policies and methods we follow for hard drives
    Data Wiping – An option to consider instead of complete physical destruction, data wiping offers you a way to not only eliminate sensitive data, but also to reuse wiped drives by either returning them to the business or allowing OER to remarket them. All drives are wiped according to specific Department of Defense requirements, ensuring that your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands
    Mobile Destruction – OER offers on-site hard drive shredding at your facility. Our mobile units can easily destroy hard drives, data tapes, ribbon, and more. Bring your peace of mind to the next level by having your drives and media shredded without them ever leaving your building
    Monitored or Witnessed Services – We understand that there are times a client must be able to watch drives, media, or other materials be destroyed at our facility. At OER, we are more than happy to provide this option to all of our customers
    Certificates of Destruction – We provide you with full documentation of recycling and destruction, whether we shred, wipe, or simply de-manufacture your drives

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