A Global E-Waste Problem. An OER Solution.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Even More Efficiently With OER

The statistics on global e-waste are staggering. The numbers in the US alone are something we must work diligently to improve upon. Much of what is labeled as “e-waste” is not even waste, but electronic equipment that could easily be recycled or resold; unfortunately, vast quantities of this equipment wind up in landfills, generating toxic waste.

You can be a part of the solution. By making your e-waste an important part of your recycling program, you can help us increase the recovery of electronic scrap, reduce the environmental threat of toxic materials, and set a responsible example of sustainability. OER uses the very latest technology and the vast experience of OmniSource to recover and reuse the most material possible.

We cannot recover this material without your help. With less than 13% of electronics being properly recycled, we’ve got our work cut out for us. The good news is that with each business, municipality, agency, and industry we service, we make more of a difference. Be the example. Show your business partners, neighbors, and competitors that you’re serious about protecting the environment: let OER manage your electronics recycling so that your program is the very best it can be.

How can OER help your business manage its e-waste? We offer a wide range of options for the responsible disposition of your electronic waste. Our team will work with you to help your equipment do the most good, for the environment and for your business.

OER’s e-waste management includes:

    Total Reuse and Recycling Methods - Whether we recycle, de-manufacture, or recover your equipment, you can be sure it will be responsibly managed
    A Huge Recycling Network - OER offers nationwide reach and works closely with certified partners around the world, allowing us to effectively manage e-waste anywhere. We leverage the power of our related companies to provide world-class recycling services
    Compliance and Consistency - Our processes follow stringent guidelines, every time. We adhere to policies that keep your equipment and information secure
    Secure, Certified Facilities - Our certifications demand that we maintain high operating standards for both environmental and resource management. At OER, we are proud to continuously meet these standards, and work to improve upon them.

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