Protecting Your Data and the Environment

OER’s ITAD Services: Complete Solutions for Your Business and the Planet

Your ITAD needs are our priority. We understand that when you’re retiring computers and data devices, selecting a recycler you can trust is of prime importance. OER offers solutions that go beyond just recycling, too: we can assist you securely and confidently manage your IT assets to their fullest benefit. Whether you’re seeking to reuse or redeploy your equipment, or to have it undergo End of Life processing, OER can help the right way.

We offer 100% secure, effective ways for your business to get the most out of your older IT equipment:

    Total Security - Our methods guarantee that your sensitive data will be completely destroyed, via physical shredding or data wiping. Our facility is your information’s last stop.
    Responsive Service - We pride ourselves on providing attentive customer service. You’ll have a single point of contact at OER, streamlining your requests and giving you the support you deserve.
    Documentation - We weight and account for every single piece of IT equipment we touch. Complete documentation of the materials you entrust to OER is provided to you at no charge, including signed certifications of recycling.
    Comprehensive Solutions - At OER, we don’t just destroy stuff – although we do enjoy that. If your equipment is approved for redeployment or resale, we can help with that, too. Our vast network of recyclers and vendors enables us to offer you options for the disposition of your IT materials.
    Support From Everywhere - OER, alongside OmniSource, Steel Dynamics, and SDI Lafarga is part of one of the largest and most influential recycling families in the world. We have the scope, capability, and resources to support your needs locally, nationally, and globally.

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