E-Recyclers And You

Do you really know where your e-waste is going?

As the e-scrap problem becomes ever more serious, the future of the environment should be of paramount importance to all of us. Unfortunately, lack of regulatory power in many parts of the world has resulted in some unregistered, unscrupulous collectors depositing hazardous e-waste in landfills in underdeveloped nations. This makes the reasons your business needs an R2:2013 certfied e-recycler, even clearer. Don’t be a part of an environmental problem; be a part of the solution of sustainability with OER.

Take a look at the following set of questions regarding your current e-waste program. If you can’t confidently answer “Yes” to all of these concerns, it may be time to Contact OER about helping to protect the environment.


What to look for from your Electronic Waste (e-Waste) Recycler

  • Business Practices
  • Data Security
  • Material Handling & Disposal

Are They: A Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) Certified company?
OmniSource Electronics Recycling is fully certified to the R2:2013 standard.

Are They: Registered and Bonded with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?
OmniSource Electronics Recycling is registered with IDEM for e-waste collection, recycling and de-manufacturing.

Do They: Have $2 Million in General Liability insurance coverage?
OmniSource Electronics Recycling is committed to protecting our customer and community with full liability coverage.

Do They: Have $5 Million in Pollution and Environmental Coverage?
OmniSource Electronics Recycling has a $5 million dollar policy in effect.

Can They: Certify Data Destruction from their Facility?
OmniSource Electronics Recycling provides certification of data destruction for our customers.

Do They: Possess Mobile Data Destruction Capabilities?
OmniSource Electronics Recycling has the capability to perform data destruction at your facility, as well as within our own facility.

Do They: Sanitize, purge or destroy data on all hard drives and data storage devices?
OmniSource Electronics Recycling uses a wiping program that is compliant with the DoD 5220.22-M standard for hard drives not being physically destroyed.


Are They: A De-Manufacturer or a Collector?
Note: A Collector will sell your electronics to someone else. A De-Manufacturer will disassemble your product for "End-of-Life" processing.
OmniSource Electronics Recycling is registered with IDEM for collecting, recycling and de-manufacturing electronics and performs “End-of-Life” processing in our facility.

Do They: Remove asset tags and provide documentation for all weights and products being recycled?
OmniSource Electronics Recycling removes all customer asset tags and provides documentation of items being recycled.

Do They: Have a “No Landfill” policy?
OmniSource Electronics Recycling, in accordance with R2:2013, follows a “No Landfill” policy.

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