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Indiana E-Cycle Laws

The laws governing the disposition of electronics are inconsistent, even here in the US.  How, where, and when to properly recycle your outdated electronics can be a confusing subject; with legal requirements differing from state to state, the information available on e-waste is not always presented in consistent fashion. With little or no national regulations in place, where you live and work has a lot to do with what you may be required to do with your materials.

Fortunately, Indiana has very clear legislation in place covering the responsible disposition of e-scrap. Take a look at the links below that cover Indiana regulations on the recycling of electronics, and the importance of keeping the hazardous materials they contain out of our waste stream. As always, if you need more information or have questions not covered here, please Contact Us for answers.

Indiana E-Cycle Overview

Indiana E-Cycle Factsheet

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E-Scrap 101

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