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The global technological revolution is fueling the rapidly increasing e-waste recycling problem. The need to safely and effectively recycle obsolete electronics is driven by society’s demand for smaller, faster, newer products. Environmentally sound electronic waste disposal has become a worldwide issue in recent years. Technological advances, mixed with inconsistent legislation, has propelled e-waste management into the spotlight of the sustainability scene.

OmniSource Electronics Recycling handles all forms of electronics equipment, metals, and other recyclables. We service schools, hospitals, industries, universities, businesses, manufacturers, non-profits, and more by offering convenient pickups, secure data destruction, and complete documentation.

Reuse, Refurbishment, and Redeployment

Our vision for long-term sustainability involves keeping as much material out of the waste stream as possible. Our focus as an R2:2013 recycler is on reuse whenever possible, so that old electronics are able to continue to perform a service and retain some value. Alongside decommissioning and destruction, reuse of qualified items is of vital importance to our efforts.

The National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER), together with the Sustainability Consortium, recently released a report on the current landscape of electronics recycling management here in the US. The report had some interesting, and positive, things to say about the need for further reuse of outdated electronics.

Reuse and refurbishment are “very important pieces of the puzzle” when it comes to managing used [electronic equipment], according to the report. “Reuse and refurbishment represent the greatest value recovery opportunity from used devices, as well as the most environmentally friendly step, which allows the material resources in the device and the embedded energy from manufacturing processes to be captured and reused,” the report states. “Interviewees from all stakeholder groups identified reuse and refurbishment to be significant opportunities for used electronics management in the near term, and necessary for the industry in the long term, as the devices reaching end of life become smaller and lighter and therefore less valuable for materials recovery.”

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- From “The Electronics Recycling Landscape Report” (2016) by the National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER)
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